865 Klem Road

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Built circa 1830, this home is a fine example of a post-medieval English-style house.  The house is built of bricks made in Webster by its first owner, Fayette Langdon.  Mr. Langdon and his family farmed and grew fruit on 76 acres.  The center entrance colonial has walls of three-course brick with no insulation.  Plaster on brick finishes the interior walls.  The house also includes Christian* solid wood doors with original thumb latches,  ash floors, and original block ceilings.  An original lean-to shed is attached to the back of the house.  An addition was built on the east side in the late 1800s but was removed in the 1950s or 1960s. 

* Called “Christian doors” because the panel door cross members which were designed for extra support resemble a cross.