This website is meant as a digital expansion of Webster Through the Years, a book written by Esther Dunn and originally published about 1970. This website carries Webster – Town and Village – history to about 2015. The digital nature of the site, it is hoped, will allow for additional information and expansion as the years pass.

In the introduction to the original (hardcover) book, Supervisor Walter Bradley wrote: “The task presented far more difficulty than anticipated.” This digital addition proved equally arduous. For over a decade, it was talked about. As of this writing, it has been realized by a small group of volunteers, connected with the Webster Museum and Historical Society. The task has been helped by the vast expansion of information on the internet. It has been daunting because of the sheer volume of information available.

As was said in the original introduction, Webster has a “rich heritage.” Those of us involved in this work hope that you, the reader, have an increased appreciation of that heritage as you read these pages.

If you wish to contribute information to this project, please send an email to

Members of the Webster Through the Years Update Committee:

Peter Elder, Chair

Eileen Brookins

Cherie Conrad

Kathy Taddeo