797 Hard Road

Properties | 797 Hard Road

This brick house was built between 1856 and 1858 on 178 acres of land.  There are no fireplaces, as the home was heated with a coal furnace using open registers to get heat to the first and second floors.

In 1926, Joseph and Agnes Kamienski emigrated from Poland.  They purchased the property which included a two-family house, three barns, a three-unit chicken coop, a garage, and a two-part outhouse.  The main farm crop was winter wheat, and horses were used for field plowing until a tractor was purchased in 1947.  Then, for more than 50 years, Stanley and Alfreda Kamienski ran the farm which had cows, pigs, a large vegetable garden, fruit trees, and often 500 – 1000 chickens.  Much of their produce was sold at markets in Rochester.

Fifty acres of the land were sold to the Catholic Dioceses of Rochester.  Ten of those acres are now the home of St. Paul’s Church and the remaining acres were developed for homes.  The large, aging barns were taken down, but a smaller barn, the garage, and the chicken coops remain.