710 Five Mile Line Road

Properties | 710 Five Mile Line Road

This home was built in the Arts and Crafts style.  The brown, cedar-shingled bungalow was built beginning in 1910 by Harvey Mayer as a gift for his first wife.  Tragically, she died before the home was completed.  He gave up the construction and two other owners occupied and worked on the home.

Ward H. Metcalfe and Katherine Kochert Metcalfe married in 1923 and closed on the purchase of the house, barn, and 25 acres extending from the Stumpf farm on the south to Klem Road on the north in 1924.  Ward Metcalfe was responsible for bringing electricity to the area.  His farm was the first to have it installed.  The Metcalfe farm produced peaches, cherries, and pears.