632 Ridge Road

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This gable front, side wing home has greeted the dawn since 1858 at its prime farm-to-market location along the ancient ridge.  Ridge Road marks the time and place of an ancient glacial lakeshore and has witnessed how things change over time.  This busy trail has seen the transportation of people, goods, and produce in many forms – footpath, animal power, stagecoach, trolley car, and now, vehicular traffic speeding to their modern destinations.  Witnessing much of this movement, literally at the fork in the road, is this pre-Civil War vernacular farmhouse.  Although fashions in architecture have come and gone and come back again, this front gable side entrance, complete with matching rosy-hued barn (the color a late 20th-century update) has stood the test of time. Note the magnificent beech tree which marks the site, as does the oculus window over the front porch.