620 Ridge Road

Properties | 620 Ridge Road

Built in 1865, this house has a wood frame with interlocking joints and ornate trim on the eaves.  It has clapboard siding with a stone foundation.  The gross floor area is 1,229 square feet on 0.5 acres of land.  Originally, there were 4 rooms.  In this original section of the house, 3 rooms downstairs and the room upstairs still have the original floors and windows.  The small basement has a dirt floor, stone foundation, and rough-cut beams.  An addition has 2 rooms which are now used as workrooms.  A barn on the property was built in 1890.

In 1868, Philip Mohr, a cobbler, moved to West Webster from Germany.  Children would stop by his shop after school to have their shoes tapped (repaired), and they would watch him tapping the shoes by hand.  In 1871, Jonas Whiting made the deed for his property to Philip Mohr.