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The Bay Road School building, one of Webster’s oldest and most cherished historic landmarks, was known as District School No. 4.  The school district leased the one-acre site for 999 years in 1839.  In 1879, a modern one-room school building was erected.  In 1902, it was enlarged with a second room and was used as a school until 1955.  Over the years, the building has been a classroom for students, a kindergarten, a storehouse, a recreation center, a conference hall, a senior center, and ultimately, a church.

Holy Cross Anglican Church rented the building in May 1978 and the first service was held on June 4, 1978.  In March 1979, Holy Cross purchased the building.  The interior was remodeled and an altar and pews were installed.  The restoration also included a new roof and siding. 

District No. 4 (Bay Road) School – Holy Cross Anglican Church