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The Backus House

Built in 1880, this was the home of the Backus family.  The original owner of the property was John Fay.  Mr. Fay owned a 20-acre farm across the road which backed up to Adams Road.  Built on a stone foundation, the house is designed as a two-story, cross-gable colonial revival.  The house is sided in 4-inch clapboard and the inside still shines with the original heart pine floors.  The Williamsburg-style dining room with a brick fireplace remains as it was in the time of the Backus family.  Also original are the leaded glass windows. 

The Backus family added a master suite and a screened porch.  Windows are four panes, double-hung.  Wide moldings adorn all the rooms.  The upstairs has 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.  The basement is well designed with 3 coal bins, a preserve cellar, and an ice door.  The beautifully maintained gardens with stone walkways and patio are still the highlight of the property.  Mr. Backus was known for his love of trees and planted many of the spruces, Norway maples, and larches in the neighborhood.