570 Whiting Road

Properties | 570 Whiting Road

The back section of this gray gable front, side wing farmhouse was constructed in 1812.  In 1884, a large addition was built on the front.  The exterior trim is Italianate in design, including the front porch.  In the early 1950s, the property was designated the “Farm of the Year.” A very well preserved red barn with a stone foundation is visible from both Shoemaker Road and Whiting Road, and has some interesting details.  The exterior wall on the north side has spaces between the clapboards.  Perhaps it was an icehouse?  There is also a set kettle in the barn.  A set kettle is a basin recessed into a brick or masonry shelf with a fire underneath to keep the water hot.  It could be used for cooking or laundry.  The name “Antel” is written in the cement at the entrance to the barn.