37 Gordon Park

Properties | 37 Gordon Park

On a stroll through Webster’s Village streets, 37 Gordon Park reveals a charming circa 1920s bungalow that has been lovingly cared for.  The bungalow is on a large lot with earthy, vibrant landscaping and was once part of an early planned development – Gordon Orchard Park.

The bungalow style has a rich heritage.  The word is anglicized from Hindi-Bengali meaning “house in the Bengal style” which is traditionally a one-story house with a low-pitched roof creating a wide porch or veranda that allows a cooling breeze.  This style of house was affordable, easy to care for (as no servants were needed), and its popularity swept from the west to east coasts via magazines and pattern books.

This 1 and ½ story bungalow features a dormer atop the side-gabled roof, decorative brackets under the over-hanging eaves, contrasting colors on trim and windows, various textures such as the use of bricks, and the wide porch framed by brick piers supporting the flared columns above.  These design elements are indicative of the Arts and Crafts aesthetic popular in the 1920s and 30s.  The property also includes what may be Webster’s first in-ground pool.