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The Thayer Farm

This home is unique because it is probably the only Webster property that has remained in the same family for more than 160 years.  It is an excellent example of a front gable, side wing,  early farmhouse.  Preston Thayer purchased the property in 1844 from William Wylie who, in 1825, had built a sawmill on the property.  Preston added a gristmill and later, around 1850, built barns on the west side of Basket Road. 

In 1863, the home was built on the east side of Basket Road.  Preston Thayer was an active member of the Webster community where he was Justice of the Peace for sixteen years.  He died in 1909 at 88 years of age.  The property passed to Preston’s nephew, Spencer Thayer, who remained in the home until his death in 1972.  The house and property then passed to Spencer’s son and daughter-in-law, Richard and Sue Thayer.