221 Phillips Road

Properties | 221 Phillips Road

This home was built circa 1860 in the Federal style with symmetrically placed windows and a center door.  The house began as two rooms with a loft.  At some point, the loft was converted to a second floor.   In 1949, an addition was built on the back of the house which included a kitchen.  These changes, as well as the rough-hewn beams in the cellar and hardwood floors, show the adaptations made over the past 160 years. 

Joshua and Mary Mott were the earliest owners of the land in 1852.  The land remained in the Mott family until the early 1900s when it was purchased by the Bruckers.  In the Brucker family history, this house was referred to as the “Lower Place” and Ludwig and Karolina Brucker lived there from 1904 to 1905.