1771 Lake Road

Properties | 1771 Lake Road

Originally built by E. Shermen, this Greek Revival house is a typical clapboard house of the early 1840s.  The front entrance doorway on a recessed front porch is flanked on either side by two small bedrooms; one often referred to as a “birthing room.”  The tapered Greek-style pillars on the porch reflect the house style.  The paneled front door with its original hardware has not only side windows but also a window transom over the door.  Also on the first floor are two parlors, and a fireplace.  Directly opposite the entrance is a narrow front stairway to the second floor.  The house has unique cobblestone corner quoins and the basement has hand-hewn beams with no central beam.  The three cast-iron grates covering the second-floor eave windows are typical in Greek Revival buildings.