1221 Lake Road

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The Woodhull House

The house on the corner of Lake Road and Burnett Road was built by Robert Woodhull around 1806, and remained in the pioneer families of the Woodhulls, Burnetts, and Fosters for 170 years!  A tour of the property and its many outbuildings – an ice house, smokehouse, and a gambrel-roofed barn, is a vivid reminder of how different life was for our ancestors.  Each day, they labored to provide life’s necessities – food and shelter.  Inside the house is the original brick fireplace with wrought iron fixtures.  The bricks were made on the property.  The floors are of original hard pine and some are of newer strip oak.  The striking wood beams are noteworthy – some with remaining bark.  Built between 1806 and 1809, this home is among the handful of houses remaining from this early decade.