1144 Shoecraft Road

Properties | 1144 Shoecraft Road

This home is an early stone farmhouse.  The sides are cobblestone, evenly matched sizes and rows, and the back is fieldstone.  The lower front stones are covered with a cement substance and the upper cobblestones were covered with stucco in the 1940s.  Windowsills, lintels, and corner quoins are all cut limestone.  There is a brick floor in the south part of the cellar and on one wall there is a barrel oven and the remains of a cooking area.  This cistern is also in this part of the cellar and the well pump is directly outside.  The back part of the house is one story, and most likely was a pantry, woodshed, and two bedrooms.  Beams for this one-story section are three tree trunks, some with bark, that run the length of the house.  The stone walls are 12 – 15 inches thick, and the interior walls are covered with original plaster.  Doors and windows, and basswood and ash floors are all original.  Former owners removed the layers of modernization to restore this stone house to much of its original state.