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“The White House” – Webster Park Lodge

John Whiting built the first log cabin on the property along Lake Ontario in 1811 at the corner of Lake Road and Holt Road.  He soon married the daughter of Cornelius Westfall and built his farm, sawmill, and tannery along Mill Creek.

In 1835, the white house on the hill was constructed in the Greek Revival style.  The Whitings soon had seven children and hosted as many as twenty to thirty guests at a time for meals.  Many early stories of the area include early Native American campsites, viewing the ship battle of the War of 1812 offshore in Lake Ontario, and stories of smugglers. 

Ownership of the property passed through the family, at one time belonging to Joel Whiting after he returned from the Civil War.  Jacob Bonenblust owned the property from 1866 to 1899 and raised eleven children on the farm.

In 1903 the property was sold to the State of New York to house a convalescent psychiatric hospital.  The hospital was used until 1937 with many interior and exterior changes.

In 1937, the land was transferred to the County of Monroe for a park.  The first foreman of the park was John Whiting, grandson of the original John Whiting.  The park has been maintained for the use of everyone to view Lake Ontario, camp, fish, and hike the beautiful property where the Whiting family first settled.