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Webster Rural Cemetery Chapel

Land was set aside in 1832 for a cemetery on Ridge Road in Webster.  That earliest section is near the northwest corner of the current cemetery, and the cemetery now covers twelve acres.  There was no information available on the chapel until recently when an article from 1922 was found in a Democrat and Chronicle archive.  Architect J. L. Larzelere was hired to design both the chapel and vault, and “…the 24’ x 34’ building will be of the early English low pointed gothic style with heavy buttress sides.  The walls are of tapestry brick laid in English bond with a foundation of pressed stone and beveled water table…”  The chapel is on the upper level with the vault below, and at one time, there was a lowering elevator from the chapel.

The chapel windows were most likely made by the Pike Stained Glass Studio in Rochester.  Individuals donated the windows and their names can be seen near the bottom of each window.  Directly west of the chapel, headstones of some of these donors can be found.