1035 Lake Road

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This 2,000-square-foot, four-square-style home was built in 1923 by J. H. Vogt.  The original owner was Mr. O. S. Woodhull, and it remains essentially in its original condition.  The original blueprint plans for the home were found in the attic in 2007.  Also found was an original hand-drawn flower and plant diagram for the front yard of the home.  Much to the owner’s surprise, two of the original hydrangea bushes (although neglected and overgrown) were still there and have been revived.

The home has all of its original glass doorknobs, leaded glass cabinets, leaded glass windows, French doors, and oak wood trim.  The majority of the hardwood floors were kept and refurbished to their original beauty.  It is a four-bedroom, one and one half bathroom house.  A powder room was added on the first floor in place of the pantry at some time.  It has a large, beautiful sunroom on the west side of the house.  The property has three outbuildings.  One building has a stove, possibly for heating purposes, and the owners wonder if, at some point, it was used for living space for farmworkers.  The home has a beautiful large front porch with a scenic view of the lake.