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The known history of this lovely, spacious, front gable, side wing-style home dates back to 1816 when John Hornby of Great Britain sold 293 acres of land to Benjamin Burnett for $1,026.  Benjamin’s next of kin, Delia, inherited the property.  A wood-frame house was built on the property circa 1868.  In 1878, a large two-story addition was built.  At the time, the owners were Delia Burnett Bradshaw and her husband, Isaac.  Major indoor renovations were undertaken between 1986 and 1994.  The owners at the time contacted a Bradshaw descendant, asking for information about how the house originally looked and obtained a photo taken in 1878.  Restoration of the open porch was based on this photo.  Subsequent owners continued to be good stewards, refinishing the original floors and installing period-appropriate moldings in the dining, living, and family rooms.