Union Hill Volunteer Fire Department, Ambulance Corps and Ladies’ Auxiliary

First Responders | Union Hill Volunteer Fire Department, Ambulance Corps and Ladies’ Auxiliary

County Line Road’s Union Hill Fire Department and its Ladies’ Auxiliary began in 1942 and its ambulance service in 1959.  For many years, Union Hill provided mutual aid for both fire and medical calls to several communities in Monroe and Wayne Counties, including Webster.  Union Hill’s fire and ambulance services were, for some time and in certain locations, the primary responders. In Webster, Union Hill was the primary fire responder for Salt Road to County Line Road and the primary ambulance responder for 500 feet east of Hard Road to County Line Road.

Despite the addition of vehicle bays, a kitchen, a workshop, and a communication area in 1969, more space was needed by 1972.  The association erected a permanent building for the use of the Ladies Auxiliary which provided daytime ambulance attendants, a medical loan closet, an award-winning parade unit, and baskets for shut-ins, as well as spaghetti dinner and dance fund-raisers to support the association.  Mutual aid to other Fire Associations included Webster’s LeFrois Canning Co fire in 1971 and Fairport’s warehouse fire in 1973. That same year, annual boy scout visits began and property was acquired for the site of the future #2 station at County Line and Lake Roads.  Three years later, they would be among just seven other fire companies to form a Fire Police battalion.  In 1977, its 35th anniversary year, Union Hill responded to 590 ambulance calls and 198 fire/emergency calls and participated in 15 parades.  The Association facilities had become seriously overcrowded and a committee was formed to plan the second fire hall.

 The 1980s decade was filled with rescues, including that of a dog rescued from an ice floe off Basket Road, and fires such as the Golden Boys in 1987 where 36 firefighters were overcome by heat.  The need for vehicle space increased and a small house with property adjacent to the firehouse was purchased.

In 1990, Ginna recognized UHFVAI’s volunteer nuclear emergency response team for their preparedness.  The “Radioactive Team” jokingly called themselves “The Expendables.”  Fireman Dale Copay saved a life during the March ice storm and in 1998, planning for the new fire hall began. 

In 2000, the new station broke ground at County Line Road just south of Lake Road; construction costs were estimated at $200,000 and mostly local contractors were to be employed.  Construction began in November and the new fire hall was completed on June 20, 2001. In September 2004, East Webster, Webster Village, and NE Penfield formed the North East Joint Fire District which would contract with Union Hill for the next 11 years.  

In 2014, Union Hill’s fire and ambulance services split into separate organizations.  In 2015, Union Hill’s contract with the North East Joint Fire District ended, and in 2017, the town of Webster requested that its primary ambulance provider be Webster EMS and that Union Hill be the secondary provider.  Union Hill has suspended its service to Webster and currently serves primarily the town of Ontario.


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February, 2019