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Over the years there has been many name changes and mergers within the Methodist Churches in Webster. In 1832, the First Methodist Episcopal Church (also known as the Center Church or Old Church) was located on the south side of Ridge Rd. about a mile and a half from Webster Village. By the 1850’s, the church building was in need of many repairs. Its members decided to build two new church buildings, one in West Webster and one in the Village of Webster. In 1859, the church located on West Main St., changed its name to the Webster Methodist Episcopal Church. The Zion Church of the Evangelical Association formed in 1861 in a one-room sanctuary on Salt Rd. It relocated in 1881 to Ridge Rd., east of the village center. The present site at 169 East Main Street was dedicated in 1907. In 1968, the Evangelical United Brethren and Methodist denominations merged.

In 1970, the United Methodist Church celebrated its 140th anniversary. The church directory highlighted families who had been members for 50 or more years including Bessie Phillips 72 yrs, Lloyd Herrick 72 yrs, Velma Hand 66 yrs, Howard Bobbebbkyst 65 yrs, Milton Hallauer 64 yrs, Edith Van Norman 64 yrs, Stella Hartung 63 yrs, Myra Burrow 59 yrs, Mae Francis 58 yrs, Lois Barringer 57 yrs, Lavina Schilleman 54 yrs, Josephine Andrews 50 yrs, Ronald Ebner 50 yrs, Adelaide Hallauer 50 yrs, Francis King 50 yrs and Constance Packard 50 yrs.

A final merger took place in 1972. The congregations of two Methodist Churches, one located on W. Main St. and one at 169 E Main St., joined together under the name of the United Methodist Church of Webster. In 1973, the building on W. Main St. was sold and opened as a new decorating center.

In February of 1994, a planning committee composed of Bruce Gerber, William Kelley, Henry Owens, Chris Provonzano, Eric Reed, Dave Whitlock and Harvey Wingate determined that renovations were needed to accommodate an ever-growing congregation. Architectural firm Bennetts, Turner and Huysman of Syracuse, NY was hired to draw up plans for an addition which would provide handicap accessibility, a large fellowship hall, a new kitchen, offices, food cupboard donation room, a bride’s room and a new counseling room to allow for private discussions and counseling. The project also included renovation of the church pipe organ. Groundbreaking took place on Easter Sunday April 4, 1995, with Rev Jack Brewster and many church members making first “digs” with shovels sprayed gold especially for the occasion. The church facilities were also used by the Webster Child Care Center; the renovations for the Child Care Center included space for babies and toddlers as well as space for preschool and kindergarten classrooms. The exterior of the addition was completed in October, 1995 at the cost of $925,556.59.

On Sunday, February 4, 1996 a consecration service was held following the worship service. The congregation followed the choir to the new fellowship hall where Bishop Hae-Jong Kim, Rev. James Pollard, and Rev. David Lubba assisted Rev. Jack Brewster in a ceremony which dedicated the addition to “mission in the community and in the service to all people”. The same afternoon Paul Staley, an accomplished recitalist and major refurbisher of the church’s Mohler organ, gave a recital to honor Helena Hilfiker, the church’s organist for 43 years. As part of the dedication a new song was commission and was played for the first time, “O Give Thanks to God” by Darlin Lewis. At that time the church membership included 850 members.

In 1998, Rev. Leland Carlson became the senior pastor. Under his leadership two additional changes were made to the church. In 1999, the front of the sanctuary was lowered to provide more visibility for the choir, and the organ was relocated to the right side of the sanctuary. During his tenure, Rev. Carlson started a contemporary worship service and began live-streaming worship services. In addition, a drama team was formed and presented annual Christmas and Easter pageants.

In 2004, the United Methodist Church of Webster joined six other churches in Webster [St Paul’s, Webster Baptist, Webster Presbyterian, Good Shepherd Episcopal, and Holy Trinity] to sponsored a Habitat for Humanity home. A second Habitat for Humanity project took place in 2006, with church members volunteering to work on fundraising and on the building of these homes.

In 2005, the church organized a resettlement team headed by Bob Van Alstyne. The program’s aim was to help the refugee families become self-sufficient within a six-month period. Fundraisers and preparations were made to support a new family with an apartment, employment, enrollment in school, completion of necessary paperwork, learning English, doctor appointments, and daily living skills.

In 2006, the church purchased the property directly west of the church [145 E. Main St] for $112,000.

In 2007, the United Methodist Church of Webster celebrated 100 years in its current building on E. Main St. A new hymn was commissioned for the celebration titled “Song of Blessing” by Lee Dengler. James Hall, representing the sixth generation of Hallauer/Hall families to attend the church, rang the church bell 100 times. A special

dinner and service were enjoyed by the congregation. Jean VerHow created 40 red vests for the children’s choir and two ceremonial banners for the festivities.

In 2008, the trustees, with the approval of the congregation, purchased the house adjacent to the church at 33-35 Curtice Park at the cost of $170,000.

In 2010, the United Methodist Church opened Outreach House. The church needed more space for community classes and events. Parenting classes, financial aid classes and other educational opportunities are some of the classes held here.

In 2015, Rev. Rick LaDue became the lead pastor of the church. Church attendance consisted of 420 people.

In 2017, the United Methodist Church of Webster celebrated its 185th anniversary with a plaque and recognition from the Webster Chamber of Commerce. Throughout its history the church has had a strong community outreach dedicated​ ​to helping others. Church members have been involved in helping refugees relocate and settle in Webster, delivering meals to the sick and elderly, and supporting many other mission programs. Today the church is involved in outreach supports groups including Al-anon, Nar-Anon, Parkinson’s Support group, YMCA before school care, Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous, Grief Support Group, and Embracing Options. Church members help Webster adults get to appointments when they can no longer drive themselves. The church has plans to partner with Wesley United Methodist Church in Rochester arranging afternoon basketball practice and games for teens. UMC is also involved with global outreach programs including Operation Christmas Child, Haiti Mission Trips, Project Chacocente in Nicaragua.and UMCOR.

Pastor’s List

United Methodist Church – 169 E. Main St

Rev. Leonard Hermann1859-
Rev. Lewis Herman1860-1862
Rev. Mr Herhr1862-1864
Rev. Theobald Schneider1864-1865
Rev. J. Shaaf1864-1865
Rev. H. Fischer1867-1868
Rev. A. Unholz1868-1870
Rev. C. A. Weissemann1870-1873
Rev. G. Frech1873-1875
Rev. J. Grenzebach1875-1878
Rev. A. Unholz1878-1879
Rev. F. E. Hehr1879-1880
Rev. F. Lohmeyer1880-1883
Rev. J. Reuber1883-1886
Rev. H. Koch1886-1889
Rev. P. Spaeth1889-1892
Rev. O. Schlenk1892-1895
Rev. H. P. Merle1895-1899
Rev. G. H. Gelser1899-1902
Rev. W. Wagner1902-1904
Rev. J. W. Schenk1904-1905
Rev. G. C. Degen1905-1907
Rev. L Heinmiller1907-1912
Rev. J. C. Grenzebach1912-1917
Rev. H. Rex1917-1921
Rev. W. H. Seyfert1921-1925
Rev. H. C. Haag1925-1932
Rev. D. Schauss1932-1944
Rev. J. D. Rein1944-1952
Rev. S. B. Eckel1952-1965
Rev. G. S. Boyer1966-1968
Merged with Evangelical Brethren Church United Methodist1968
Rev. G. S. Boyer1968-1972
Rev. Luther M. Ridgeway (co-pastor)1972
Rev. George Davis1973-1983
Rev. James M. Pollard1983-1987
Rev. Jack Brewster1987-1998
Rev. Lee Carlson1998-2015
Rev. Rick LaDue2015-
Rev. Lee Carlson
Rev. Rick LaDue

Pastor’s List

Webster United Methodist Church [First United Methodist] – 75 W. Main St.

Rev. Luther T. Northway1858-1860
Rev. Saml Nicholas1860-1861
Rev. C. S. Brown1861-1862
Rev. William Bradley and Rev. George Markham1862-1863
Rev. William Bradley and Rev. George M. Chandler1864-1866
Rev. M. S. Lett1866-1867
Rev. John Spink1867-1868
Rev. Charles S. Hermans1868-1870
Rev. Dan’l S. Chase1870-1872
Rev. Milton Hamblin1872-1875
Rev. Thomas R. Stratton1875-1877
Rev. Philo Cowles1877-1878
Rev. Jas. D. Requa1878-1879
Rev. Jas. Gosnell1879-1881
Rev. John Dennis1881
Rev. William H. Barnhart
Rev. Andrew Southerland1884-1886
Rev. Paul Leiseuring1886-1888
Rev. T. S. Green1888-1891
Rev. T. C. Carson1891-1896
Rev. W. H. Henderson1896-1898
Rev. O. S. Chamberlayne1898-1901
Rev. S. C. Farnham1901-1902
Rev. John H. Stoody1902-1908
Rev. W. A. Pattyson1908-1910
Rev. J. Harrison Olmstead1910-1913
Rev. George M. Harris1913-1918
Rev. Guy Lawton1918-1919
Rev. Raymond Brown1919-1922
Rev. E.W. Middleton1922-1925
Rev. R. E. E. S. Bascom1926-1929
Rev. Lowell L. Rogers1929-1932
Rev. Robert C Root1933-1939
Rev. J. Harrison Olmstead1939-1941
Rev. Richard Pitts
Rev. William Deighton1945-1946
Rev. Edwin C. Holley1947-1954
Rev. Arthur S. Wright1955-1962
Rev. Edward Thorpe Read1962-
Rev. Luther Ridgeway1969-1972


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