St. Andrew’s By-the-lake

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St. Andrew’s By-the-Lake is located at 1206 Lake Rd. in Webster, NY. Originally built as School #9, the first Episcopal services near Nine Mile Point were held here by the Rev. John Van Ingen beginning in 1875. When Rev. Van Ingen could not make it to the church, Mrs. Hannah Strowger Burnett who lived nearby, would take a number of children to Rochester to attend church. In 1913 a new schoolhouse was built. The old schoolhouse was remodeled into a chapel. It was moved to land a little to the west of the original schoolhouse on land donated by Byron Burnett in honor of his wife Hannah. Although the building contained no heat, electricity or water, it continued to serve the summer community near Lake Ontario.

In 1960, the Bishop placed St Andrew’s By-the-Lake under the care of the Church of the Good Shepherd where it remains today. The interior retains the feel of a schoolroom. Windows across the back wall allow for a peaceful view of the trees and the sky. It has been called by the pastor one of the “joys of summer”. Services are still held today beginning the last Sunday in June and continuing through September.


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