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A Short History of Crossroads Community Church by Pastor Peter Mills

Crossroads Community Church origins go back nearly 150 years. In 1866, a year after the Civil War ended and six years after B. T. Roberts founded Free Methodism, 13 people met at the home of Horace Moore on the corner of Berg and County Line roads to form the First Free Methodist Church of Ontario. In 1870, William Gould organized the First Free Methodist Church of West Webster with 10 initial members.

These churches shared a pastor for many years, but from the 1890’s to the 1940’s, each church had its own pastor and provided each family its own parsonage. In the 1940’s the churches again shared a single pastor. Arthur Prouty became pastor in 1958 and realized that a merger would benefit both congregations. While the churches had active Sunday Schools, dedicated missionary societies and an active youth program through Christian Youth Crusaders [a group akin to the Boy or Girl Scouts], their buildings were small and lacked indoor plumbing. The congregations blended well together so in 1959 the churches combined and began planning a new building.

After scouting a number of locations, including on State Rd. opposite the present church, the present site was selected. The parsonage was built in 1961 [member Ray Kerr wired the electricity], and in 1962 the church building was completed and the first service held. Over the years, trustees and other members have expanded and improved the building, adding a steeple and narthex, making the sanctuary more flexible by replacing pews with chairs, and most recently building a playground and undertaking extensive renovations to the sanctuary to welcome more people.

Prayer has sustained these efforts, for the church has always been a praying church. From weekly prayer meetings to email prayer chains, fervent and active prayer has characterized the church. Sharing food and fellowship have too! Picnics, carnivals, small groups, and other gatherings have built friendships and sustained relationships.

Over the years, the church has reached out to the community. From youth groups and Vacation Bible Schools, to services at Webster drive-in movie theater [and movies at the church] and soccer camps, pastors and members have found creative ways to share the good news of Jesus Christ. The church even plowed up the lawn and invited the community to take part in a community garden! More recently, members have

started used gaming, free meal concerts, the Living Nativity, and other new ways to open their doors and share the gospel message to those around them.

Ever since its beginnings, the church has supported missionaries, raised money for them, prayed for their work, and spread the word about their efforts. The church helped plant the Ganada Free Methodist Church [which in turn planted Cross Creek Church], and in recent years, the church has sent people on short term missions to Peru and Haiti.

For almost 150 years, and more than 50 years in this building at the corner of State and Jackson Roads, the pastors and members of Crossroads Community Church have worshipped, prayed, served and shared the Gospel. We can build on this foundation by serving the Lord and spreading the Good News of His salvation. May it be said of us, as it may be said of those who have built and sustained this church, “Well done, good and faithful servant.

Pastor Peter Mills

On June 20, 1971 the congregation of Free Methodist Church of Webster celebrate the dedication of a new Kohler and Campbell piano and a Baldwin church model organ with Leslie speaker. The instruments were donated in memory of Mr. Ezra Hockenberger by his mother, Mrs Frances Hockenberger and his brother, Mr Paul Hockenberger, both of Webster. David Anderson of Gates and former music director at the church performed on the piano. Mrs Elton O. Smith, organist at the church, performed on the organ during the dedication. Special vocal arrangements were also presented.

The church celebrated its final mortgage payment on October 10, 1980 with a mortgage burning ceremony. Former pastors Rev Elton O. Smith Jr. and Rev Arthur C. Prouty attended along with Mayor Robert R. Johnville.

The Webster, West Webster and Union Hill United Methodist Churches and the Webster Free Methodist Church joined together to celebrate 200 years of Methodism in America on August 5, 1984 at Spry School Bandshell. The evening of singing, prayer and reflection ended with an ice cream social.

The Free Methodist Church of Webster became known as Crossroads Free Methodist Church in 1999. In 2002, it became known as Crossroads Community Church, a Free Methodist Congregation.

Pastor’s List

Rev. J. A. Odell1870
Rev. J. B. Stacey1871-1872
Rev. T. Whiffen1872-1874
Rev. J. A. Odell1874-1875
Rev. O.W. Young1875-1877
Rev. R. M. Snyder1877-1878
Rev. O. M. Owen1878-1880
Rev. T. Whiffen1880-1882
Rev. B. Winget1882-1884
Rev. D. Dempsey1884-1885
Rev. W. H. Clark1885-1887
Rev. H. W. Fish1887-1889
Rev. W. E. Sitzer1889-1891
Rev. D. W. Clark1891-1893
Rev. William Jewel1893-1894
Rev. J. E. Tiffany1894-1895
Rev. W. J. Whiffen1895-1896
Rev. C. A. Balch1896-1897
Rev. A. F. Curry1897-1898
Rev. B. J. Austin1898-1899
Rev. M. T. Marriot1899-1902
Rev. F. A. Perkins1902-1903
Rev. Florence Deyle1903-1905
Rev. J. D. Jenkins1905-1906
Rev. C. C. Watson1906-1909
Rev. M. S. Babcock1909-1913
Rev. F. J. Hessler1913-1916
Rev. W. J. Parmeter1916-1918
Rev. J. S. Bradbrook1918-1921
Rev. H. D. Ackerman1921-1924
Rev. P. S. Culver1924-1926
Rev. M. S. Babcock1926-1931
Rev. J. C. Hessler1931-1934
Rev. M. R. Billington1934-1935
Rev. H. L. Crockett1935-1937
Rev. F. S. Shaw1938-1939
Rev. Gordon Markey1939-1940
Rev. Wesley C. Smeal1940-1942
Rev. John Roberts1942-1943
Rev. Elmer J. Hood1943-1945
Rev. Ernest S. Kratzer1945-1947
Rev. Benjamin Kaselian1947-1952
Rev. Herbert Seaman1952-1956
Rev. Daniel Stevens1956-1958
Rev. Arthur C Prouty1958-1967
Rev. Wilton Sharp1967
Rev. Elton O. Smith1967-1973
Rev. Robert E. Witherow1973-1978?
Rev. Douglas E. Rabe1981-1986
Rev. David E. Banks Jr1986-?
Rev. Mike Erickson1992?-1995
Rev. Martin R. Kiggins1995-1997
Rev. Lynlon Perry1997-2006
Rev. Peter Mills2006-


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